Vibration monitoring equipment

People have been working on constructions project for thousands of years. In the past, a lot of faults were made because of errors people did not know about. Nowadays, technology has developed a lot. Because of this, there is all kind of different equipment that is used to find possible errors, for example by measuring DIN4150-2. Measuring these kinds of vibrations can be done by vibration monitoring. In the past, vibrations were measured with big vibrations monitors that only could collect a certain amount of data. Nowadays, there is a lot of better vibration equipment.

Vibration monitors

To measure the right vibrations, you will need a vibration monitor. When you are looking for a vibration monitor you can use, you will need to look for certain aspects:

  • The frequency that can be measured. Multiple vibration monitors can measure different frequency ranges. When you are looking for a vibration monitor, be sure to check if the equipment measures the right frequency for your job.
  • The filter that filters out other frequencies. Every good vibration monitor has a filter in it that filters out the frequencies that do not need to be measured.
  • The battery of the vibration monitor must be good. You can be in different situations where you will not have access to power. In those situations, you must have a battery that can work for multiple days.


When vibrations are measured, you will need the right equipment to analyse the data. With the right vibration analysis equipment, you will be warned of possible faults found in the data of the vibration monitoring. With this information, possible downtime can be avoided.

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