My air conditioner does not cool, why?

Generally when you see that the air conditioner does not cool you tend to think that the problem lies in the lack of gas, you mistakenly think that the gas in an air conditioner must be replaced or recharged every X time and this thought is quite incorrect since if the installation of the air conditioning is well done and no pipes have been broken by frictions, vibrations, etc., the gas should not be lost, being able to remain inside the machine and the installation for years and years, exhausting before the estimated duration of a device (approx. 15 years) than having to recharge the gas.Now, let’s see the possible causes of why the air conditioner cools little or does not chill anything. A good at aircon servicing Company can fix up all these issues for you.

Gas leak

The possible leakage of gas is one of the possibilities by which the window air conditioner does not cool, although it is equally valid for split or duct conditioners, the gas leak can be or be in 3 parts of your air conditioning, in the refrigeration system (copper pipes and connections / welding), in the outdoor unit or in the indoor unit, the first being the most usual for units that have been installed for a short time and the last two for units that have been installed more time.If you think that your machine may have a gas leak because the air conditioner does not cool just ventilate or not cool enough, you are probably interested to search for a reliable aircon servicing Singapore professional.

Dirty indoor fan

You have to keep the filters clean so that your air conditioning works perfectly, this is something that anyone can do without much trouble and it is really one of the few things that we must do to maintain our air conditioning equipment, however another problem, although much less common is the accumulation of dirt in the fan (impeller) of the indoor unit, this problem usually occurs with much more virulence in the units only cold and less in the units of heat pump, it is also more common in smoking environments, factories or premises where sprays are used as lacquers or paints as these help to fix the dirt, this cleaning is a very easy way to fix an air conditioner that does not cool if you forgot to do it, since it could be your problem if your air cools down little.

Dirty indoor or outdoor heat exchanger

The importance of keeping clean filters in your air conditioner for proper operation, the same or more important is to keep the exchangers clean, because it is as its name indicates where the exchange of cold or heat occurs and is a fundamental part of your air conditioning equipment, all window air conditioning units, splits or ducts have two heat exchangers, one inside (indoor heat exchanger) and one outside (heat exchanger), although in window air conditioning units It may seem that the two are not together in the same unit.

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